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CBTranslation’s work, and what clients think of it: a closer look …

Some recent feedback...

"The quality of all translations received is perfect"
- Leading provider of telecommunications solutions and services based in UK


"Just wanted to pass on the really good feedback on the BSO translations"
- IT management software leader


"Would you be available for this new project? We have received excellent feedback on your translations"
- Worldwide software leader


"Thank you very much for this very good translation!"
- Sales automation expert


"Thank you for your great services and for meeting our short deadline"
- International industrial group


"I am impressed by the quality of this translation which shows a lot of research work to reproduce the messages and options as they appear in the French version of the software"
- IT services company


"The team that validated your translations into Arabic and Russian reported that they were excellent. Thank you very much!»
- International organization


"We want to express our satisfaction concerning the quality of your translations"
- Entertainment product leader


"Thank you very much for this excellent training course: relevant content and teaching approach, rhythm adapted to group level, complete and user-friendly training materials, targeted practical exercises encompassing all software features... Do not change anything!"
- Translation agency


"Thank you for this excellent training course! I came with a precise goal which has been fully reached!"
- Translation agency


Translation samples

Click here to read some translation samples.

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