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a translator/project manager who can handle your files in any format, find the relevant resources and see your project through the way you want it: fit for purpose, within budget and on time…

Look no further!

Drawing on over twenty years’ experience in the craft, we wrote a Course in Project Management Applied to Commercial Translation, which we gave at Paris University VII. These are the basic principles of project management that we apply:

What is project management?

Project management consists of planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling every aspect of a project, so as to meet its targets by keeping to the budget, deadlines and specifications set beforehand.

Managing a project means applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in order to meet or surpass the expectations of all involved ­in the project.

The key concepts have been underlined. Here is what each of them means:
Planning: the stage that lays the foundation for the project’s success (analysis of constraints, resources and costs; overall timetable)
Organizing: preparing translation kits including all necessary instructions and documents; deploying resources, setting up a system for communication within the team
Monitoring: oversight, progress-chasing and coordination as required throughout the project to avoid any drift or delay
Control: staying on top of every aspect; looking forward, heading off trouble,…
Targets: the project’s deliverables
Budget: constant cost control, to prevent budget overruns
Deadlines: working back from the contractual delivery date, building in buffers against chance delays
Specifications: meeting the client’s requirements exactly
Knowledge/skills: knowing which are needed, how to recognize them and where to find them
Tools/techniques: knowing which are needed, how to recognize them and where to find them
All those involved: the organisations and people affected by the project: the client, end user, project manager and project team (translators, revisers, layout experts, etc.); the accounts staff.
Meeting/surpassing expectations: making sure all the project deliverables meet their specification – and knowing how to provide extra value

CBTranslation put the most highly skilled staff to work on your job, with the most suitable tools.
Furthermore, being thoroughly familiar with the “Déjà Vu” CAT software, we can manage big translation projects with very short deadlines by distributing them to a team of translators and revisers and co-ordinating their work so as to guarantee consistency and quality in the whole translation.


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