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If you’re looking for...

effective training in translation/project management using “Déjà Vu” CAT software, from a skilled trainer...

You’ll already be aware that a professional trainer needs both technical skills and personal qualities:

Technical skills:
the trainer must not only be an expert in the field itself, but also familiar with the various teaching aids and methods used to get that expertise across as effectively as possible. So the trainer must master the techniques of interpersonal communication, as well as all the IT skills needed, not least for preparing tailored course material. And of course the trainer must be familiar with the world of business.

Personal qualities:

the trainer has to be a patient teacher and guide, for some ideas can be complex and hard for the uninitiated to grasp. To communicate practical skills takes a listening approach and an ability to tailor the teaching to many kinds of trainee. The trainer needs to be authoritative and clear, and also to know how to get and hold the trainees’ attention – and to get feedback that reveals when something is proving hard to understand. Boundless energy is needed – the work can often be challenging, and requires great physical and mental stamina, not to mention a business-like capacity for organised time management, so as to cover everything needed in the time available.

Look no further!

We have nearly ten years’ experience using Déjà Vu, and offer the following forms of training:

Face-to-face training on Déjà Vu X

-Starting Déjà Vu X
-Advanced Déjà Vu X training for translators
-Advanced Déjà Vu X training for project managers
-Training in particular aspects on request

Online Déjà Vu X training

Four 2-hour modules are available
- hand-holding
- managing translation memories and term databases
- file alignment / handling various file formats
- project management
  For more details, contact us.
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