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We have been using the Déjà Vu CAT software developed by ATRIL since 2001. Why did we move to Déjà Vu?

Integration: a single software package that gives access to all necessary translation and project management functions

Simplicity: user-friendly interface with Help functions that guide you step by step

Flexibility: as translator you remain free to choose your style, whether you’re dealing with a technical or marketing text

Interoperability: Déjà Vu accepts all widely-used file formats; it’s also compatible with other CAT tools

Automatic display of stored translations (with details of their origin: date, project, author, etc.)
to guarantee consistent use of the client’s terminology as well as maximising productivity

Quality assurance:
powerful automatic checking functions (terminology, numbers, etc.) and filters (for translation consistency) to optimise translation quality

Security: Déjà Vu’s DBMS approach means translations are automatically saved ; also, projects can be password-protected (with nine levels of access: project manager, senior & junior translator, etc.) to avoid the loss of good translations by overwriting

In short, Déjà Vu lets me provide consistent and reliable translations taking project-specific constraints (house terminology, style guides, deadlines, etc.) into account every time. We actually use Déjà Vu for all technical and marketing translations.

For more details about our CAT platform and what it can do for you, please contact us


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