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a French translator with experience, as well as language and writing skills…

You know that translation is a difficult art; that it calls for a full command not only of the source language but of the target language too ( the translator’s mother tongue), and the ability to write so well in it that the result will never feel like a translation.

Look no further!

CBTranslation provides top quality services using leading translation software and various translation aid tools, including an internal style guide for translators, drawing on over twenty years’ experience in the craft. Naturally, we practice what we preach. These are the Ten Commandments:

1/ Know your source language thoroughly
2/ Master the subject area of the source text, and the terminology it uses
3/ Know your target language
4/ Master the subject area and terminology in the target language as well
5/ Know and apply the target language’s rules of grammar and typography
6/ Know all the pitfalls of translation
7/ Know how to spot mistakes in the source text and put them right in the translation
8/ Master the art of editing
9/ Be familiar with your software, including computer-assisted translation tools (CAT) for creating translation memories and using existing ones
10/ Keep to deadlines


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